Voice Solutions

EMG front

The eMG-80 system employs a converged digital and IP architecture to deliver an affordable and flexible telecommunications platform targeting the SMB market.


IPECS UCS (Unified Communications Solution) is a powerful suite of communication applications and tools designed to link multiple devices and applications seamlessly.   Working with the IPECS platform, IPECS UCS simplifies human interaction and increases productivity allowing employees to access information and business tools using any device, regardless of location. IPECS UCS provides both Standard and Premium versions. The Standard server is built into the IPECS UCP/eMG80 P2.  As a built in service, customers can save the costs for additional H/W server & OS.


IPECS CCS (Contact Center Suite) is a contact center suite designed for small and medium business. IPECS CCS is a multi-channel IP contact center solutions package best integrated with IPECS Platforms. IPECS CCS consists of ACD, CTI and Reporting modules as part of the basic package and many optional value added function modules.


ClickCall is a PC based application that allows you to dial telephone numbers appearing from a Web pages or documents. ClickCall operates  in conjunction with IPECS systems and IPECS Desk phone to quickly make an outgoing calls. Highlighting the number, allows the number to be displayed on the ClickCall application thereafter the user will click on the Call icon button to initiate a call.

IPECS Attendant Hotel

IPECS Attendant is the new software based IP Attendant console that extends the features of ez-Attendant with embedded soft phone function, hotel features and an improved user interface. The powerful Attendant capabilities and superb GUI are designed to improve Attendant functions for the user. IPECS Attendant simplifies call handling for Attendants with a simple click of a mouse on a PC and may operate without the need for desktop hard phone.

*Please note that branding and logos on products may differ depending on market segment.